MICA Calendar for 2020 - 2021

Monday - December 14, 2020        General Meeting


Time: Dec 14, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time





7:00     Pledge of Allegiance 

7:05     Approval of Minutes, Treasurer Report

7:10     Island Events: Strawberry Festival, Photography Exhibit Concept, Citizen of the Year Nominations, Nordland Store Update, Garden Club Wreath Sales Report

7:20    Committee Reports: Cemetery, Friends of Fort Flagler, Emergency Preparedness

7:35    The Kilisut Harbor Restoration Project: Kevin Long, NOSC 

8:20    Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF) Report: Bruce Carlson 

8:35   Adjourn

Monday - January 18, 2021        General Meeting

    MICA January 18  Meeting at 7 PM via Zoom

    Please join us for the January 18 MICA meeting to be held at 7 PM via         Zoom.  East Jefferson Fire and Rescue’s new chief will be welcomed.          The featured speaker for the evening will be Port Townsend resident         Dahr Jamail, an award-winning journalist and writer.  Jamail is an expert     on climate change and author of the book, End of Ice (2019). His talk         will focus on how climate issues impact us, and what can be done             locally.
    We hope to “see” you there!

Monday - March 15, 2021        General Meeting via Zoom


7:00    Meeting call to order    Bud Ayres

7:03    Pledge of Allegiance   

7:05    Minutes from January Meeting    Bud Ayres
           Treasurer Report
           Report on Membership
           Welcome to New Members

7:15    Island Events    Bud Ayres
           1.  Strawberry Festival
           2.  Photography Exhibit
           3.  Update on Store

7:20    Committee Reports
           1.  Cemetery                                            Bruce Carlson
           2.  Emergency Preparedness                Kurt Steinbach(?)
           3.  Friends of Fort Flagler                      Mark Secord
           4.  Marrowstone Island Foundation      Bud Ayres

7:35    Speaker:  Commander, Indian Island     Cdr. Don Emerson
           Naval Magazine
           Overview of Indian Island Operations including
           Mission, Staffing and Installation

8:15    Adjourn    Bud Ayres

Friday - September 24, 2021        General Meeting


4:30    Gather at the home of Bud and Debra Ayres, 780 Schwartz Rd. for social
            hour. BYOB, glasses, chairs or blanket.

5:00    Ferino's Pizza, courtesy of the MICA Board will be served.

6:00    Business Meeting
            Pledge of Allegiance, Minutes approval, Treasurer Report
            Committee Reports

7:00    Guest Speaker: Chief Bret Black, East Jefferson Fire District 1

7:30    Announcements


Future meetings and events will be announced


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