MICA Calendar for 2018 - 2019

Monday - September 17, 2018        General Meeting

    5:30 PM                Doors open
    5:30 - 6:00 PM      Social Hour
    6:00 - 6:45 PM      Potluck Supper
    6:45 PM                Short Business Meeting
                                 Jefferson Land Trust Presentation on Fite Property acquisition
    7:00 PM                Candidates Forum
                                     Sheriff: Dave Stanko & Joe Nole
                                     County Prosecutor: Michael Haas & James Mitchell Kennedy
                                     Board of County Commissioners: Greg Brotherton & Jim Cook

Monday - November 19, 2018        General Meeting

    6:30 PM                Doors open
    6:50 PM                Business Meeting
    7:00 PM                Announcements (Artisan Gift Show, Fite Property work party,
                                  Nordland Store tree lighting & Santa arrival)
    7:05 PM                Citizen of the Year Nomination Info
    7:10 PM                Program

                                    *    Presentation by Jim Surgent re: Marrowstone Island

                                    *    Presentation by Cynthia Rowe re: Marrowstone T-shirts

                                    *    Presentation by Rahda Newsome re: Artisan Gift Show

                                    *    Presentation by Lisa VanHorn re: Fite Property

                                    *    "In Our Midst" presented by Steve Burns

                                    *    Presentation of two local businesses:

                                            --    Erik Newquist: Blacksmithing

                                            --   James Holloway: Marrowstone Vineyards & Winery

Monday - January 21, 2019            General Meeting

    6:30 PM              Doors open - Socializing

    7:00 PM              Business Meeting

    7:08 PM              Brief Announcement from Friends of Fort Flagler

    7:10 PM              Presentation by past & present County Officials focused on
                                1978 and 1995 Marrowstone Island Community Development

    7:50 PM               Q & A for County Officials

    8:10 PM               Jim Walkowski -- Chief, East Jefferson Fire Rescue

    8:40 PM               Bruce Carlson -- Status of County / Port Townsend Fire District
                                 Annexation Plan

    8:55 PM                Citizen of the Year Announcement

Monday - March 18, 2019               General Meeting

    6:30 PM              Doors open

    7:00 PM              Business Meeting

    7:30 PM              Program

                                Update on the Marrowstone Island Preserve by Jefferson
                                Land Trust Representatives

                                Detailed Cemetery Report

                                Ken Collins and Bud Ayres will report on broadband progress
                                on the Island

                                Vigo Anderson will report on the progress of Friends of Fort Flagler

                                Report by Commander Rocky Pulley, CO of Naval Magazine Indian Island

                                Bud Ayres and Bruce Carlson will talk about Marrowstone Island
                                Foundation (MIF)

                                In Our Midst: Pat McNerthney presented by Steve Burns

                                Citizen of the Year events presented by Mike Zimmerman


Monday - May 20, 2019                  General Meeting

   6:30 PM             Doors open

    7:00 PM             Business Meeting
                               Pledge of Allegiance
                               Minutes of Meeting March 18, 2019
                               Financial Report – Susan Petek
                               Cemetery Report – Bruce Carlson

    7:10 PM              Betsy Carlson, Citizen Science Coordinator of the Marine Science Center

    7:40 PM               Kevin Long, Tina Werner and Chris Bruning, status of NOSC/WSDOT
activity on the SR116 Kilisut Harbor restoration project.

    8:10 PM                Part 1- In our Midst: Vigo Anderson on Branan Ward

    8:25 PM                Part 2 - New Businesses In our Midst, David and Marsha Fitzpatrick

    8:35 PM                Introduce New Slate of Officers and Election

    8:40 PM                Janet Welch on map your neighborhood

    8:45 PM                Adjournment


Saturday - June ??, 2019              Strawberry Festival

    11:00 am - 3:00 pm at the Nordland Garden Club

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